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Cupboard Storage DIY

20130811-005127.jpgSo here is a cute project to help organise your cupboards. I find that using these boxes helps keep everything together and since I have those really annoying deep cupboards with only one tiny door I find it helps to have thing in boxes so you can shift a lot of the smaller items in one move to get at the bigger boxes towards the back.

Okay so following the above image you have
1 – Things you need. A messy cupboard, an old cereal box, wet glue and a pair of scissors.
2 – Cut the front of the cereal box off (see line markings on the image)
3 – Keep hold of the flap you just cut off. This flap was previously used to seal the box.
4 – Using the wet glue securely glue down all the tabs of the cereal box to make the open box shape firm.
5 – Apply glue to the flap you saved.
6 – Stick this to the shorter side to even up the hight of your box.
7 – Complete! You can stop right here and enjoy your organiser. Depending on the thickness of the cereal box you used your storage box may be flimsy and only capable of holding light items. If like me you want a more stable and decorated box on follow steps 8 & 9
8 – Reinforce your box by cutting chipboard to lay in the bottom of the box. This will make the box more durable but I still would not advice using these boxes in overhead cupboards just incase anything falls out onto your head!
9 – The fun part! Decorate your box with left over paper scraps or paint. You can also label the contents, I have used my Cricut to cut out a label.

This craft idea can be used with any size left over box and you be a great project for a draw organiser or a make up organiser too.

Using this cracker box I have made another holder for condiments.



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