Hints and tips

What should you do with your paper scraps?

So if like me you hate wasting even the smallest paper scrap but you have no room to keep all your leftovers this post is for you. I came up with the idea of making the most of my paper scraps by using various sizes of paper punch to punch out embellishments I can use at a later date.

I’m actually really annoyed with myself for not thinking of this earlier! I have some ‘Grundtal’ pots from Ikea that are designed to be used in the kitchen but with their magnetic back and clear lid they are perfect for the craft room. I use these pots to sore my small embellishments on a magnetic board.


So my advice for your paper scraps, take a large punch and start punching out shapes to use at a later date, once you have punched as many as you can take a smaller punch and utilise the space between your original punches.


Soon you will find you have a whole collection of embellishments and hardly any paper wasted!  IMG_3953 IMG_3956 IMG_3952 IMG_3957


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